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How it all started…

From a young age, Pastor Mark & Lorena McGlennen have had the privilege to serve in ministry.  In their early 20s, they became friends while serving as youth leaders for the Assemblies of God, San Fernando Sectional District.  As they continued their life journey, God brought them together to be married and now they share a beautiful family with their two children Michelle and Benjamin.  Their focus has always been to help those in leadership, but in February of 2015 they were called to plant a new church.  Through much prayer and obedience God made a way and doors were opened.  This began what is now known as Walk in Faith Ministries (a.k.a. Iglesia Camino en Fe) in the city of Palmdale.  A church that strives to uphold the integrity of the gospel, sharing the good news of salvation and a new life in Christ Jesus.  Walk in Faith was planted with a mission to transform lives through the power of the Holy Spirit, restore the hearts of the broken and impact our community.

Why are we here…

Walk in Faith is dedicated to leading people in knowing God’s true nature, as revealed through Scripture and the Holy Spirit.  To the growth and edification of the church, that all believers in Christ may come together and grow to the measure of Him who lived without sin.  To serve those in need as God calls us to do and make a difference in our community and go where He leads. As we approach our 7 years anniversary, we are prayerfully expecting the purchase of a property that we can call home.  We are confident Walk in Faith can serve your family as a spiritual home and are looking forward to meeting you in one of our services.

What this means

We welcome you and invite you to fill our Get Connected registration card so we can better serve you. No matter where you are in your walk with God, we believe He has great plans instore for you.  If you want to learn more about our beliefs as a church, click here.

Walk in Faith Ministries
40027 11th Street West, Palmdale, Ca. 93551
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